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About us

Have you ever thought we could produce furniture without cutting trees and destroying the woods? The normal response to this question is “Yes”. People would say that we can produce metal furniture so it is not necessary to destroy forests anymore. That’s a normal answer to this question but there are still some doubts. There are some concerns here: Does it feel like sitting on a wooden chair? How can you design it? How can you decorate it? Is this possible to have a classic design? How much should we pay? Marketing challenges? etc.

Despite there being some questions that revolve around metal furniture for customers and clients, it doesn’t mean that metal furniture is not suitable for our new modern life. This sort of furniture has high potential in furnishing urban, official, and private spaces. Hence, it is highly recommended for many customers in the furniture market.

Here is where our story begins. A few years ago, we started to think about alternative ways of manufacturing furniture to present something new in the market. We tried different ways and materials and finally after lots of trials and errors, we identified a new way of furniture production and that is “polymer furniture”.

Why choose us to furnish your space

We present to you the best possible quality in the furniture market. You will experience a unique sense of luxury and enjoyment while using our furniture. Our main concern is providing the best service to our clients so that they have no challenge working with us.

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Our Company Mission

Our mission is to produce polymer furniture. In so doing, we adhere to applying ergonomic discipline, marketable design, standard materials, and a competitive pricing policy.
Despite acknowledging that furniture is an industrial commodity that should be analyzed mainly from an economic point of view, we believe that furniture is a part of life so the feelings that it transfers to people matter a lot to us.
In Kavani Furniture we focus on creating a different sense of design and furnishing to bring a new sense of living to our customers.