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1- What are the main advantages of polymer furniture?

Polymer furniture has 3 main characteristics namely 1- resiliency 2- modularity 3- metallization. We should add another advantage to the aforementioned points. This is eco-friendly furniture that can be manufactured with recycled plastics and you don’t need to cut trees. It is so similar to wooden furniture so it is a good option for the fans of wooden furniture as well.

2- Can polymer furniture resist water and humidity?

Polymer furniture can resist high humidity. That’s a perfect choice for the hotels, restaurants, and wedding salons that are located near the beach or in rainy places. You can wash or disinfect it many times without having any concerns about the dislocation of parts or losing shape

3- Is this fragile furniture? Can you break that easily?

thanks to its flexibility, polymer furniture is highly resistant to pressures and physical stresses. It is nearly impossible to break or reshape polymer furniture. You can use it as indoor or outdoor furniture as well.

4- What is an exclusive peculiarity of polymer furniture?

We can metalize polymer furniture which means that we can coat metal material on the surface of the furniture. This sort of furniture reflects the light and looks shiny and glossy, which is beautiful and luxurious. Some people might think that it is metal furniture but it is polymer furniture. In addition, you can create sophisticated designs which are not possible in metal furniture and make polymer furniture unique in the furniture world.

5- Should we have any considerations for transporting polymer furniture? Does it need a specific packaging method?

Polymer furniture has modular quality. It means that you are able to assemble and reassemble it many times. Since we produce polymer furniture in separated parts, it has this privilege. For instance, you can replace different parts of a polymer table easily without replacing the whole of that table. Moreover, the modular quality reduces the costs of transportation a lot because we package different parts separately in pallets so we can use every inch of the container or truck.